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In a time where communities, school systems and even families have labeled our youth outcasts, iamMOREmovement hopes to be the vehicle to help show many young adults that they are MORE ........ we understand that our youth need to feel that someone is invested in them and care about the quality of their lives, iamMOREmovement is just that. We care about the youth and desire to see them be MORE!




iamMOREmovment INC will look to implement living facilities for young men and women who are surrounded by negative activities such as drugs, abuse, lack of mentorship, violence, gang involvement etc.  Living quarters will be established for young men and women to receive mentorship, life skills and most important LOVE.  The mission for each home created is to focus on the strength of each individual and preparing them for success.  iamMOREmovement wants to “reinvent” the atmosphere of the average living facility; we plan on making each living environment a place where each youth will consider it a place to call home and not just a shelter.  iamMOREmovement would like to establish a family oriented organization that will motivate and inspire the younger generation who lack family involvement.    

iamMOREmovement will plan to have events in the community encouraging fathers and mothers to be active with their sons and daughters. Uplifting and encouraging youth that society has “written off”, and supplying loving support and guidance from someone who cares. Higher Education, Musical Concerts, Online Mentorship, Linkages with local programs and Community events are a few activities iamMOREmovement believes will help change the community one person at a time.     


iamMOREmovement INC creates positive music for the youth to listen to.  With so much denigrating lyrics in today’s music, iamMOREmovement INC has a desire to change the view on hip hop while using uplifting and encouraging lyrics for the young and upcoming generation.       

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